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Erhard Hennig - The secrets of fertile soils

The secrets of fertile soils

By Erhard Hennig
1997, 2009
204 pages, 21,0 x 14,8 cm
ISBN 978-3-922201-27-4

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Introduction by Kurt Walter Lau, publisher

This stimulating book provides highly practical insight into the interdependent relationships between soil, plants, animals and human beings. It allows the reader to participate in the fascinating life cycle of those soils which are still healthy. Our arable land has been exhausted by overuse and lacks the nutrients essential for life. Depletion of humus is already described as extreme in some areas. The lack of soil nutrients and microorganisms along with the insidious pollution of soil and groundwater are having a demonstrable effect on the health of the people who derive their nourishment from such soil. On this subject, the author offers advice: Always maintain the fertility of the soil. However we must refer to the knowledge gained by our ancestors and restore their cultivation techniques. Erhard Hennig addresses all components of the soil: microorganisms, microbes as well as soil nutrients and minerals. The reader will also explore natural fertilisation using compost and rock dust as well as their roles in the formation of humus. With regard to fertilisation supplying energy, Hennig emphasises that the condition of the soil is directly linked to the mental and physical well-being of the human race as well as animals. Even beyond this, Hennig establishes the bridge from the threats to life on earth to the ordering of matter in space, with the premise that there is no pure matter, as earth and space are influenced by the spirit. The author discusses the basics of soil science for Professionals, and also makes it easily understandable for those outside the fields of gardening and agriculture. Hopefully this will contribute to draw the necessary conclusions in our personal lives.